Wearing lace wigs for a makeover

Wearing lace wigs for a makeover

Lace wigs have become the latest fashion hair accessory that is sure to become a mainstream buy for women everywhere. This type of wig, which was first designed for women with severe hair loss, is now available for any lady who wants to update her look or give her own hair a break from styling and over-processing. As an alternative to a sew-in hair extension, a lace front wig will give a more natural appearance of your hair growing out of the scalp as the lace blends in with various skin tones.

If you are a fashionista who changes your look as often as your clothes, it is a good option for you to invest in lace wigs. The lace front wig comes in a variety of styles including straight, curly and wavy. Of course, you will experiment various colors and lengths when choose to wear a lace wig. Moreover, when maintained well, the lace front wig can last between three months to one year. Applying and caring for a lace front wig does not require a professional hair stylist, which make it quite appealing. Just give yourself an instant hair makeover by wearing a lace front wig.


A simple and fashionable ponytail

Ponytails are a hair style that will never go out of fashion. Though they are simple enough, they are favorite options for they are suitable for all ages and lifestyles. Even many celebrities walk the red carpet with ponytails. Actually, ponytails have come a long way and have become a lot more creative over the years. Nowadays, accessories like clips, headbands, curls and knots can take your ponytail from basic to glam, incorporate any hair texture and lengths, or save you from a bad hair day. Applying a wrap around ponytail is also a popular way to experiment with this simple, chic style.

Made of 100% human hair, the warp around ponytail at AbHair can be dyed, heated, curled and straightened to match your own hair perfectly. You can easily achieve a different look with this natural, beautiful ponytail. Coming in different lengths and textures, these human hair ponytail can be applied easily all by yourself. No matter you desire to wear long straight ponytail or middle length wavy or curly ponytail, you can instantly create your desired look with this ponytail. Therefore, enjoy the versatile and easy hairdo with ponytail hairwraps.

wavy hair

Secret to good-looking wavy hair

Wavy hair is flattering for long or short hair and for all face types, making this hair style extremely hot among celebrities as well as everyday women. Wearing wavy hair can portray a beach look, an elegant look, or a look that seems effortless but flawless. It can be styled to compliment a casual or dressy ensemble according to your specific dressing style. Additionally, with a few hair products, a curling iron and spending a little time on your hair, you can get good-looking wavy hair. Now, there is another option for you–curl machine.

Here comes the professional curl machine at AbHair. With it, you can create beautiful long-lasting curls effortlessly. Characterized by gentle, quick and easy, hair is automatically drawn into the ceramic curl chamber where it is softly held and heated from all directions. With 3 temperature settings, 3 timer settings and the option to select the curl direction, the artistic control is in your hand depending on the look you are going for. When you are intended to curl your hair for a new look, you can’t miss this prefect curl machine here!

women day

Best gifts for Women’s Day

Women’s Day is coming. It is the Day celebrated to commend woman for all the hard work they do. Gifts can be given to recognize women in every aspect of life on this day. You can give her a gift certificate for a day of pampering at a local spa or to purchase a new outfit. Arranging for special lunch or dinner plans at a local restaurant is also a good idea to celebrate the Day with your wife or girlfriend. Of course, you can design and make some special gifts for this day.

At AbHair.com, we also prepare best gifts for you to celebrate the Women’s Day. Here you can get the high quality hair extensions at unbelievable low prices since we offer up to 80% discount for your purchasing here. You can also enjoy extra 20% off if your order is over 99 $. Actually, no matter you desire to experiment with silky straight hair or want to try out appealing wavy hair, you can get your desired extensions here. So enjoy your visit here and wish you happy Women’s Day.


Why micro loop hair extensions

Healthy long hair is beautiful and eye-catching. But for women with thin or short hair, there is an easy way to get long hair without having to wait many years for it to grow out. In this case, hair extensions are the ideal solution for you. Hair extensions are also a great way to get a new hairstyle for they add thickness, length and color to natural hair. Nowadays, there are a variety of methods for attaching extensions varying from sewing to clipping in to gluing according to the type of the extensions. Micro loop hair extensions, as a new type of hair extensions, are attached using micro loops that are bonded to the root of the natural hair.

Micro loop hair extensions are hot nowadays for their appealing features and benefits. They are especially convenient because they can be attached to short natural hair and can be removed easily. Micro loop hair extensions are comfortable, long-lasting and flexible. The other benefit to using micro loops extensions is that they are completely safe for the natural hair. When you intend to try out a new hair look or desire to have long beautiful hair, you reach the right solution with hair extensions. Now, you can enjoy huge discount at AbHair for micro loop extensions. Eventually, why not try these extensions to achieve your desired beautiful hair?

lush hair

A perfect solution for long, lush hair

Women usually spend a lot of time and effort on their hair and many covet long, lush hair for it looks gorgeous, and it’s a sign that your hair is healthy. Actually, growing healthy and thick hair is not as difficult as it seems. A well-balanced nutritious diet along with a good hair care routine should help you achieve your goal. All you need to keep in mind is that hair care demands dedication and conscious effort. For women who yearn for long hair or just want to add some volume, hair extensions are a perfect solution.

Coming in various textures, lengths and colors, hair extensions fit for anyone’s hair to get a natural looking. Whether you desire to add length, volume or both to your natural hair, the hair extensions won’t let you down. Extensions can also enhance the existing color of a person’s hair or change it altogether for they are available in various colors ranging from the natural colors like black or brown to trendy pink or purple. You can also enjoy the triple ombre extensions to experiment with different hair colors. Eventually, try out hair extensions to get your desired long, lush hair.

abhair valen

Hairstyling ideas for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a day that conjures images of love, passion and romance. It is also an opportunity to show love to the people in your life. Not just for romantic couples, Valentine’s Day events can center on your mates, friends, and family members. Good company, a little food and a reason to gather are all you need to have a successful party on that Day. Actually, regardless of the specific theme of your Valentine’s Day event, you may need to dress yourself accordingly to enjoy yourself and a gorgeous hairstyle can make you stand out from the crowd.

Valentine’s Day events are supposed to be fun, so why not try out a romantic, chic hairstyle such as tousled tresses or an updo with ringlets cascading around your face. You can use different styling techniques, accessories and hair products to achieve a uniquely beautiful look. In this case, the versatile hair extensions are your ideal options for they can be added and removed easily. In order to celebrate the Valentine’s Day, AbHair offers 80% discount off plus free 4 business days shipping sitewide. So style your hair romantically to enjoy the coming Valentine’s Day.


Color your life with triple ombre extensions

Hair extensions have the potential to completely transform a person’s look and help them achieve a desired hairstyle. Coming in various textures, lengths and colors, hair extensions allow you to change your look without having to make a permanent commitment to the new hair style. For short-haired women who want long hair, it no longer is necessary to wait months for it to grow. Hair extensions can provide long locks almost instantly. Additionally, you can also try out different hair colors wearing hair extensions.

Here at Abhair come new arrivals. There are triple ombre clip in hair extensions made of superior 100% Indian Remy hair, ensuring that they can be cut, styled, permed or colored to suit your personal taste. Moreover, these triple ombre clip in extensions are relatively simple to apply, which makes them more appealing to first-time users. No matter you intend to change up your look for a short term event, like a special event, a date or a night out, or desire to try out different colors on your hair, the triple ombre clip in hair extensions are your answers!


Date with the hottest hair extensions

Hair extensions do more than simply add length and volume to your hair. For those who want to experiment or add versatility to their hair can explore the different types of hair extensions. Coming with different textures, lengths and colors, whether you wear extensions for a special night out, or you wear one for an extended vacation, hair extensions are just another tool you can use to try different looks without spend a fortune at salon.

Here at Abhair, there are different types of hair extensions available including clip in hair extensions, hair weaves as well as fusion hair extensions. Regardless of your hair texture and color, there is one option that will fit you perfectly. When you intend to try a new hairstyle for the coming Valentine’s Day, hair extensions are your ideal options. At the right moment, you will enjoy appealing discount on your purchasing at AbHair.com. So why not date with our hottest hair extensions to explore the charm of them?


Fun and exciting way to try out a new style

It does not matter if you have worn your hair the same way for several years or several months; trying out a new style can be fun and exciting. It can also be intimidating, especially if you are considering getting your hair colored or changed dramatically. In fact, whether you are considering a simple change in your part or a complete change in your look, you can find guidance in magazines, on the Internet and in a salon to help you decide what style works best before you take the leap and change your hair.

An exciting way to try out a new style, especially for a special event like a party or a date out, is wearing hair extensions. The hair extensions can be attached and taken out within minutes all by yourself at home. Additionally, these hair extensions are available in various textures, lengths and colors to meet for your styling requirements no matter for a natural looking or a bold change. You can get high quality extensions at quite reasonable prices right now. AbHair offers 80% discount off sitewide plus free shipping. When you intend to try an instant new hair look, consider these hair extensions!