Attach hair wefts with clips

1. Measure the desired length of the wefts and cut. Note that you should stop the wefts

at least ½ inch away from your hair line for coverage.

2. Sew the clips on to the hair on each side of the weft. If you are dealing with a very long

weft you can attach an extra clip at the center.


Attach the hair weft using micro rings

1. Part your hair and place a microring onto the hook.

2. Attach the weft below the part.

3. Take a section of the weft and of your own hair and thread them through the microring.

4. Pinch the microring.



Attach hair weft extensions using glue

1. Make a section in your hair where you want to attach your weft.

2. Cut a hair weft section to the desired length.

3. Apply glue to the weft and to the hair under section.

4. Attach the weft by pressing it firmly against your scalp.



Sew a hair weft onto a braid

1. Makes two horizontal sections in your hair, leaving a section of hair loose in between them.

2. Braid this section and secure the braid using a rubber band.

3. Thread the curved needle.

4. Sew the hair weft onto the braid.



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