Wigs Dos and Don’ts

Wigs Dos and Don’ts

Do Choose a Color that Matches Your Skin

No offense, but if a celebrity looks great with a particular color it may not suit you at all. It’s not about how beautiful they are, but it’s more about their complexity. The main thing you should always consider when choosing a wig or weft color is your skin tone. You can find a guide for choosing the right wig based on your skin color on this website, so use it to make sure you are looking your best. Do choose the best haircut for your face shape so also take a look at that to make the right choice.

Do Choose a Wig With a Modern Haircut

Wigs and wefts are often regarded as boring and bland, but that depends entirely on you. There are thousands of wig models, shapes, sizes and colors available, so the sky's the limit. Do choose a modern hairstyle that will help you look sleek and chic. Again, you will find a guide to choosing the best hairstyle based on the shape of your face here, so use it as a guide to aid you every step of the way.

Do Customize Your Wig to be Exactly What you Want

If the hairstyle you want is not available in the wig color or material you prefer you can always take it to a stylist and have it customized. It will help you feel better about your purchase because you will have exactly what you wanted, not to mention you will be more likely to wear it as well.

Don’t go Bulky on top

Bulky wigs are a dead give away. Don’t get us wrong, wearing a wig is nothing to be ashamed of (see last point) but you don’t want to make it painfully obvious either. Going bulky at the crown not only gives it away but usually looks awful. Not to mention it can turn any 20 year old into a 50 year old looking woman.

Don’t Depend on wig Glue

For the love of wefts, don’t depend on wig glue. It may have damaging effects on your skin, especially your edge. Using a skull cap (pantyhoses are great) for additional grip is always an option, just make sure you keep the wig glue for when it’s extremely necessary.

Don’t Pretend, it’s a wig and it’s OK

Wigs are nothing to be ashamed of and they are widely accepted. Everyone has their reason to wear a wig, so don’t be ashamed, and know that most people can tell. And that is OK!

Need more tips? Stay tuned for more insights to the world of wigs and wefts. If you are interested in purchasing a quality wig or weft give us a call and our team of qualified experts will be more than happy to assist you today. Call us now!

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